Jagger's Dream Joins the FoHCAS Pack!

The Jagger's Dream Story . . .


Jagger's Dream founder, Karyn Ringhaver, was a tireless volunteer at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. Commitment to and compassion for these animals led to her recruiting friends to join her at the shelter. Her vision was to help needy dogs find forever homes and escape the threat of being euthanized.

Karyn's non-profit organization was named after her Yellow Lab, Jagger. Sadly, in 2007, Karyn’s beloved Jagger passed away from bladder cancer. Fueled with a desire to change the lives of some needy shelter dogs, she put her resources to work and began fundraising for the needs of the shelter. In 2008, Karyn and her team of volunteers raised funds and built a dog park at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. The park was for the investigation dogs; dogs who are in litigation for months and maybe even years, with nowhere to run and get exercise; thus "Jagger Park" was established. Her passion did not end there. With the leftover funds they would continue to help the shelter dogs. Led by Karyn's passion, the Jagger’s Dream team would help shelter dogs with medical issues, such as heartworm treatments, that the shelter could not afford to provide.

Fighting her own battle with leukemia, she still pressed on, volunteering and fundraising to cover the cost of medically needy dogs before her passing on August 19, 2014. The Jagger's Dream team continued with their mission, ensuring positive outcomes for the lives of shelter animals.

In June 2016, Jagger's Dream and FoHCAS decided to pool their resources to become more effective in the community. Both the missions of FoHCAS and Jagger’s Dream are closely aligned with each other…to provide loving care for shelter animals, to raise funds for their medical care and, most importantly, to ensure that no shelter animal is ever euthanized for a treatable medical condition.

To keep Karyn's legacy alive, FoHCAS has establiished a special donation fund, The Karyn Ringhaver Jagger’s Dream Fund.  Jagger's Dream donations will be tracked in this new special donation fund. And, donations will continue to be accepted online either through Jagger’s Dream or FoHCAS; checks can continue to be made payable to Jagger’s Dream Fund.

Jagger's Dream and FoHCAS extend our boundless appreciation to you for your past support and are confident that you will continue to support The Karyn Ringhaver Jagger’s Dream Fund through the auspices of FoHCAS. Please continue to hold tightly to your tender heart for the shelter animals…they’re depending on you.

Karyn Ringhaver with Juliette