Our Programs

Medical Assistance

FOHCAS’s greatest impact is through the financing of medical treatments for dogs and cats with serious yet treatable health issues that prevent them from being adopted.   The Medical Assistance program itself is simple.  Once an animal has been chosen for adoption, or for an adopt-to-rehome situation, and the medical condition is known, FoHCAS is contacted by the adopter.  As long as we have funds, we will say yes to assisting.

Our Guidelines for assistance are as follows:

1. The animal must originate from Hillsborough County Animal Services

2. The medical condition must be known at the time of adoption.

3. Medical condition must be treatable.  We will not assist with chronic or terminal

     conditions.  We will assist with the payment for biopsies or other diagnostics to

     determine condition as long as the "owner" is aware of the above caveat. 

4.  FoHCAS will not assist with normal, routine medical issues (i.e. yearly exams, shots,

     dentals, etc). 

5.  FoHCAS must be contacted within a reasonable length of time after animal leaves the

     shelter.  Reasonable usually means within a week. 

6.  Our assistance is based on discounted rescue/non-profit rates.   


What FoHCAS asks in return is a few photos of the animal and a story about why the animal was chosen. Many will also ask for donations by their friends and family be made to FoHCAS, and almost all people FoHCAS helps donate as their means allow.