Our Programs


We are currently looking for sponsors in our community who want to pledge their financial support to help us with our mission.  We are offering our sponsors free advertising on both our website (www.friendsofhcas.org) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/friendsofhcasinc), letting our followers and our growing village of animal lovers know that your business supports the efforts of FoHCAS.

Please consider making a monthly or annual donation to become a FoHCAS sponsor.  The levels of sponsorship are:

Platinum - $12,000/year or 1,000 month

Gold -  $6,000/year or 500 month

          Silver - $3,000/year or 250 month 

Bronze - $1,200/year or 100 month


Contact us if you have any questions, need more information or if your ready to become a FoHCAS sponsor.  The animals are depending on ALL of us to help them find their forever homes.