Our Story

A Letter From Our President



"Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Services is a nonprofit organization comprised of private citizens. It was formed to help address the challenges the at-risk animals in the County’s shelter face every day. Our goal is to provide funding for medical services to the surrendered and stray animals in the shelter, increase adoption rates, and provide education to the public to help reduce the euthanasia rate within Hillsborough County Animal Services. Over 90% of monetary donations are directly used for the animals since this is entirely a volunteer organization with zero paid staff."  

Years ago, management, staff and volunteers at Hillsborough County Animal Services saw wonderful animals being euthanized because of treatable medical conditions.  We knew there must be a way to help and we also knew our "Village" of animal lovers would help us if they knew how.  The idea of a non-profit to serve as a safety net for these animals was born. 

Fast forward to 2012, after months of hard work we were granted our 501c3 non-profit determination by the IRS.  We were methodically placing the foundation of this new entity we named Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Services, Inc, or FoHCAS.  Then a shocking crime pushed us into the public's eye - an innocent animal was buried up to her neck and brutally shot twice in the head.  Phoebe, as she was named by her rescuers, a two-year old mix breed dog, miraculously survived due to the efforts of the nationally acclaimed Animal Investigators of Hillsborough County. FoHCAS was asked to hold the reward money that was coming in from the public to find whoever was responsible for this cowardly, horrendous crime.  We agreed and even though the reward is still unclaimed to date, we have moved ahead, recognizing the importance of our Mission.

The purpose of the Friends of the Hillsborough County Animal Services (FOHCAS) organization is to help: 

·         to provide loving care for the shelter’s animals;

·         to raise funds for their medical and other care;

·         to reduce euthanasia by assisting in the promotion of adoption of shelter animals;

·         to promote the humane treatment and care of cats, dogs and other companion animals through the education of the public as to responsible pet ownership.


Our vision of a safety net for the medically needy animals, as well as education and advocacy of those animals, has come to fruition.  FoHCAS' volunteers and Board Members come from a variety of backgrounds.  Many of us serve as foster homes for rescues, many volunteer also for the shelter and other rescue groups, but we all bring our passion for helping the homeless animals of Hillsborough County to FoHCAS.

In June 2016, Jagger's Dream and FoHCAS decided to pool their resources to become more effective in the community.  Both the missions of FoHCAS and Jagger's Dream are closely alighed with each other. . . to provide loving care for shelter animals, to raise funds for their medical care and, most importantly, to ensure that no shelter animal is ever euthanized for a treatable medical condition.   

We invite YOU to join us!



Disclaimer – Friends of HCAS, Inc has no legal affiliation with Hillsborough County Animal Services. Friends of HCAS, Inc is an entirely separate nonprofit organization from the county run Animal Services. Friends of HCAS, Inc does not use any tax money & relies solely on donations to assist the animals. Friends of HCAS, Inc is managed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteers, none of whom are employees with Hillsborough County. To contact Hillsborough County Animal Services directly, please call (813) 744-5660.