Medical Cases

Lola Lola (Terrier Mix)

Lola's move shares "(Lola) was on that day's euthanize list and knew we couldn't let her die there . . .we love her and are glad she has found her forever home with us!"

Buddy Buddy (Unknown)

Buddy's family share, "It’s scary adopting a HW+ dog, but after going through it—especially with your financial help—I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again."

Lucy Lucy (Lab Mix)

April, Lucy's new Mom, shares, "(Lucy) has a wonderful gentle demeanor, good manners, just loves to be petted and still makes me laugh. . .thank you for all the good work that you do to help animals in need."

Dennis Dennis (Pit Bull Mix)

Dennis is being fostered while undergoing Heart Worm Treatment. Please email us if you are interested in adopting this incredible pup.

Hermione Hermione (Unknown)

Hermione's new mom shares, "Although she is sick, we are receiving some help to get her feeling better and I am so thankful to have her as a part of our family!"

Kingsley Kingsley (Pit Bull Mix)

Kingsley, fondly know as King, is being fostered while being treated for Heart Worm. If you are interested in this sweet dog, please email us.

Mandy Mandy (Lab)

A loving family adopts Mandy because her Heart Worm condition is treatable.

Ruger Ruger (APBT)

Ruger's family share, "(Ruger) has a beautiful temperament, again very gentle. He doesn't even bark! We just knew he was the one."

Max Max (Pit Mix)

Max's foster mom states "he was in danger of being euthanized, I thought NO!!!! Why put a pup down at such a young age."

Judith Judith (Chow Chow)

Judith's new mom shares, "I could take Rick and not Judith (Heart Worm positive). However, I sure couldn’t leave both of them there. That was when the man told me about FoHCAS and gave me information to get to the website. Knowing that there was a community of people willing to help us was very reassuring and made my decision easier."

Lord Vader Lord Vader (Spaniel Mix)

Lord Varder's mom shares, "He is so gentle and playful with my kids, he has a blast in the garden with my husband, but his favorite thing seems to be riding shotgun with me anywhere."

Bogie Bogie (Rottweiler)

Bogie's mom shares, "As my daughter said, 'imagine being rehomed at your age and not being able to talk, how would you feel?' We have nothing but time to give him and he will live out his senior years in the lap of luxury and be spoiled rotten."

Apollo Apollo (American Bulldog Mix)

Warren family shares, " . . . we would find way to take care of (Apollo) and get him healthy. He has been a great addition to the Warren Zoo."

Weekend Weekend (Hound Mix)

Weekend's new mom shares, "(Weekend) really has become a part of the family and her personality is finally starting to come out."

Benny Benny (Griffon Terrier Mix)

Benny's new mom shares, "I hope the heart worms haven't gotten too bad yet because he is such a good dog and I'm glad I found him."

Scooby Scooby (Terrier Mix)

Scooby's mom shares, "I sat down on the curb and he came right up to my face, paused for a moment smelled me and put his nose on my scar - it was almost like our scars bonded us, like he knew. From that moment I knew my husband read his eyes right - he picked us and we are so happy that he is with us."

Mabel Mabel (Terrier Mix)

Mabel's mom shares, "We were slightly unsure about her due to her heartworm condition, but something about her just felt right."

Marshmellow Marshmellow (Terrier Mix)

From Marshmellow's Mom, "His gentle demeanor drew us in. It is hard to imagine the rough life he once experienced, leaving him scarred and broken, did not affect his personality negatively."

Shula Shula (Coonhound Mix)

Shula's new mom shares, "Pet Resource was up front (about Shula) being Heart Worm positive . . .my daughter loved him immediately."

Lola Lola (Cur Mix)

Lola's new mom shares, "I reached in through the door cage with my fingers and she literally grabbed my fingers with her paw and didn't let go as if to say don't leave me ....that's all it took."

Sampson Sampson (American Bulldog Mix)

Sampson's Mom shares, "I went to the Adoptions Desk and asked if they were going to treat his Heart Worm, but their response was an absolute no. No because he was older than the dogs that they do treat."