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Apollo (American Bulldog Mix)


3 Years Old

Funds needed to raise:



Warren family shares, " . . . we would find way to take care of (Apollo) and get him healthy. He has been a great addition to the Warren Zoo."

Medical Issues:

Heart Worms


The following was provided by the Warren family:

The Warren family consists of six people. My husband Joseph and me Wendy. Then we have our four children Alexis (15), Jenny (13), Jayden (7) and Tyler (3). We decided that the whole Warren Zoo would be involved in getting the prefect dog. My husband and I dragged the children many times to different adoption centers but kept returning to The Pet Resource Center in Tampa. The children were getting annoyed because my husband and I were super picky. I told them when we meet the right dog we would know. On 4/2/2016 we met Apollo. He was super friendly and did not mind Tyler climbing all over him. He knows some commands and is house broken. We all fell in love with him. Apollo had not receive his white paper yet, so he was a pre-adoption. We had to talk about that because it would be $105 instead of $20. After we had a family meeting ,we decided to do it because we all fell in love. We were not allowed to take him home until he was neutered and was cleared by the vet. It was then they found he had heartworms. Is was either choose another dog or Apollo. We had another family meeting and decided that he was our dog. We would find way to take care of him and get him healthy. He has been a great addition to the Warren Zoo.

Thanks to Friends of HCAS for assisting with his Heart Worm treatment. Please donate to FoHCAS so other shelter animals like Apollo may received needed medical care.