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Mabel (Terrier Mix)


5 years old

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Mabel's mom shares, "We were slightly unsure about her due to her heartworm condition, but something about her just felt right."

Medical Issues:

Heart Worm


Mabel's mom shares:

As for why we chose Mabel, it was meant to be! My boyfriend and I had been talking about adopting another dog for some time. We have a 7-year-old miniature schnauzer at home who definitely needed a new best friend. We looked at 2 shelters before the Hillsborough County shelter and didn't find the "right dog," even though there were many great adoptable animals! We visited the HSAC during their "First Saturday" event hoping we'd find "the one." We played with several dogs, including Mabel (who was named Eowyn at the shelter), and we kept coming back to her. She greeted us at her kennel with kind eyes and a wagging tail, but never barked or begged for attention like some of the other days. We were slightly unsure about her due to her heart worm condition, but something about her just felt right. In the few days she has been in our home, we know we made the right choice. She loves to cuddle, roll over for belly scratches, and has on her own accord decided her new sister Pepper is the best thing ever (Pepper isn't so sure!). She found us when we were looking for her!

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