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Sampson (American Bulldog Mix)


7 Years Old

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Sampson's Mom shares, "I went to the Adoptions Desk and asked if they were going to treat his Heart Worm, but their response was an absolute no. No because he was older than the dogs that they do treat."

Medical Issues:

Heart Worms


Sampson's New Mom shares their story:

5 weeks ago I saw stray. Male mix American Bulldog. I thought it was someone's pet from down the street, but as the following 3 weeks went by; I saw the dog wonder into my yard and was getting progressively thin and wouldn't let me come near him. He would run off.

Saturday before Thanksgiving (11/21) my Dane cornered him in our yard and the dog gave up running. He let me pet him. I noticed he was much thinner than before and was full of fleas and ticks. His spine, ribs and hips were protruding. I knew he had to have been wondering the streets for a long time.

I wasn't sure if the little guy had any communicable diseases/parasites or illnesses, but I couldn't let him wonder streets any more. I brought the dog into my back porch and gave him water, fed him very small meals 7 times per day (hoping he would begin to gain weight). I kept him quarantined and was walked on a leash. I picked up all his poops and bleached every spot he went lawn has brown/bold spots, but that's ok.

I didn't want to drop him off at the shelter too soon, nor did I want him to spend the holiday in there. I took pictures of him and I tried to find his family. I posted signs, posted on Craigs List, and posted on Facebook's "Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County". Thankfully many caring souls did their best to help me network him and find his family, but no one came forth to claim him.

While he was in my care for 1 week, I gave him Flea/tick baths (2 baths 2 days apart). I successfully got the critters off his skin, but he had a cough that would not go away. I didn't know if it was Kennel Cough or cough due to Heart worm.

I grew to love this little guy. He was the most affectionate and well behaved dog. When the temperature dropped so much I decided to keep him in doors. He actually slept next me while I worked and slept inside the house for 4 nights. I have not heard him bark once and wondered why would someone not want him back?

Finally I took him the animal shelter on Faulkenburg Rd with hopes that he could get help and exposure with the possibility of allowing me to immediately foster him.

My heart broke when I was told he must stay for a minimum of 30+ days before fostering would be considered. As I saw so many people bringing in their own pets and relinquishing them, I felt all hope for him would be gone. Still, I knew they would find him a home faster. I was told I couldn't leave any personal things with him. I had to remove his new collar and take back the toys I bought him. I kissed him on his little forehead, told him I loved him and he would be ok with a new family. I walked away sobbing and tears running down my face....I fell in love with this little guy and I couldn't believe I was abandoning him.

I couldn't sleep for 2 nights in a row. My heart was heavy and feelings of guilt would not subside. I checked on his progress daily until I read his update. He was named Sampson and was neutered. But was also diagnosed with Heart Worm...I couldn't believe he was put under sedation while having heart worm.

Then, yesterday (Saturday 12/05) I visited him and hoped to take him for a walk and shower him with love. I could tell he was going into a depression. He was sitting with his head down and almost pressed against the wall. He didn't see me, until he heard my voice. He slowly looked over at me, but he didn't move. Until.... Until I said "hi baby! It's me!" Then he came right over and cried. He was overjoyed to see me. A family noticed him with me and said "wow, he would not move for us".

I went to the Adoptions Desk and asked if they were going to treat his Heart Worm, but their response was an absolute "no". No because he was older than the dogs that they do treat. Also they said if he was adopted, he would get adopted with heart worm. My heart sank further.

Good news:
I went back to his kennel, took his profile and went back to the adoptions desk and adopted him. I took him out of that situation. I brought him home to be my new son. My new family member who's very weak and sick from Heart Worm.

I want him to have the best care possible, but can't afford the astronomical expenses his medical expenses for heart worm treatment will be.

FoHCAS is assisting Sampson with his Heart Worm treatment costs.

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