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Shula (Coonhound Mix)


5 years old

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Shula's new mom shares, "Pet Resource was up front (about Shula) being Heart Worm positive . . .my daughter loved him immediately."

Medical Issues:

Heart Worms


Our family adopted a dog at the state fair yesterday from Hillsborough Pet Resources. They first called him Jack, but we are now calling him Shula. Pet Resources was up front with us that he was heart worm positive. He was extremely fearful at the time , but they told us they had just taken him out of the tent and the rides scared him.

We had been looking in area shelters for a dog, but the breed and temperament had to be right. My daughters loved him immediately, and I started getting puppy dog eyes from all around including Jack. I knew the breed well (black and tan coonhound mix) and would have nothing but a hound dog.

I came back later without my kids to check him out and talk to his handlers. He had calmed down some and allowed me to pet him. Again, Loretta pointed out that he was heart worm positive; she gave the FoHCAS information and told me they could help with heart worm treatment.

Shula is settling in nicely and seems very happy in our house. He is learning pretty quickly that the kitchen is off limits. We are working on not marking his territory on the furniture.

Thank you FoHCAS for your help.

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