Medical Cases

Luna Luna (Toy Poodle Mix)

Congratulations to Luna. She's completed her heart worm treatment; her family is very grateful to FoHCAS.

Coco Coco (Retriever/Lab Mix)

Update from Coco's Mom, February 22nd:

Just wanted to update you on Coco's heart worm treatment. She just finished her last shot on Thursday of last week!! I snapped a few photos of her with her blanket and pillow on the drive home. Even though she wasn't feeling that great, you can see the hope in her eyes! Thank you for your your help! Coco is already feeling better and my sweet girls are looking forward to having their sweet Coco in great health soon so they can run and play with her!
Thank you Fohcas!

Tig Tig (Bulldog/Hound)

The Timothy Initiative "welcomes a new friend." Cody, from the ministry staff, shares, "This hit too close to home. Being a recovering addict, I understand what if feels like to be overlooked and unwanted."

Molly Molly (Retriever Mix)

Molly's foster family shares, " . . .she didn't seem like she belonged at the shelter (not that any of them do) . . .she is just the sweetest . . ." Once Molly recovers from Heart Worms, she'll be ready for adoption.

Riley Riley (Golden Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Riley's mom shares, "He came in as a stray to HCAS . . .he's got beautiful manners, is perfectly house-trained and gentle on leash.. he's a miracle! To think that this wonderful dog was abandoned for some reason is unfathomable, but I'm glad he is with us."

Buffy Buffy (American Bulldog Mix)

Buffy's new Band of Friends perform a holiday miracle by saving her from the euthanasia list; her holiday angels will help her through her heart worm treatment and find her a loving forever home.

Pearl Pearl (Shepherd/Lab Mix)

Pearl's Foster Mom shares, "a little love and patience has turned Pearl into a fun, sweet little companion. She deserves a long, healthy life and I appreciate your help (FoHCAS)."

Louie Louie (Chihuahua/Terrier Mix)

"Louie was an answer to pray, " shares his new family.

Cam Cam (Terrier Mix)

Cam's mom shares, "When they called me on Tuesday to say he was heart worm positive, the representative asked if we "wanted to back out." Backing out was never an option. I knew this dog was my baby."

Ellie Ellie (French Bulldog/Pit mix)

Ellie's new mom shares, "Ellie was so small, emaciated and sad. She met me with a calm demeanor and pleading eyes! Her kinked/broken little tail and defined ribs/spine broke my heart . . .I decided to give her a chance. I work for a vet so I was not too worried about the fact that she was heart worm positive. I could not be happier with Ellie."

Max Max (Lab Mix)

Max is happy in his new home.

Buster Brown Buster Brown (Pit Bull Mix)

Buster Brown is in foster while being treated. He is ready for his forever home; please contact Dogma Pet Rescue for adoption information (

Chloe Chloe (Poodle Mix)

Chloe's new Mom shares, "(visiting shelter) she didn’t take the treat I offered, but she did look at me with those big brown eyes. Eyes that said 'help, please.' I decided then and there she was mine."

Rupert Rupert (Scotty/Mini Schnauzer)

Rupert's new mom shares,
"The one thing that I can tell you, is if you are looking to adopt and dog or cat, please do not pass them by if they are Heartworm positive! There are very caring people out there that will and can help you with the cost of treatment. FOHCAS is helping Rupert!"

Blue Blue (Catahoula Mix)

From his Family, "Happy was at the top of the Euthanasia list . ..I didn’t have the heart to see such a young vibrant loving pup be put to sleep, even if he was heartworm positive."

Gregg Gregg (Pug)

From Gregg's new mom, "He is a very loving dog and I’m glad I was able to adopt him."

Stella Stella (Boxer Mix)

From Stella's Dad, "I went to visit her (at Shelter) and my heart melted . . .there was no way we could leave without her."

Bridget & Peter Piper Bridget & Peter Piper (Lab Mix)

Bridget and Peter Piper in foster, but will be up for adoption after treatments.

Bear Bear (Terrier Pit Mix)

Bear was adopted; as you can see from the photo, he fits right in.

Bruno Bruno (Lab Mix)

Bruno's Mom shares, " I knew that I needed to save Bruno. A lot of adopters stray away from heart worm positive dogs."

Cooper Cooper (Terrier Pit Mix)

Cooper's new mom shares, "His raw skin, patches of hair missing and most importantly his beautiful eyes. He simply stared at me. No bark, no whine, just a stare. I knew he needed help."

JoJo JoJo (Lab/pit Mix)

JoJo was on last call for the euthanize list . . .too full of life to let go.

Denver Denver (Shepherd Mix)

Denver's mom shares, "'(he} is being overlooked because he is heart worms positive which is unfair and should never prevent a dog from getting a loving home."

Ozzy Ozzy (Shar Pei Mix)

Ozzy's new family shares, "(It didn't matter he had Heart Worms) . ..we had to go get him."

Leela Leela (German Shepherd)

Leela's mom writes, "Leela is an angel. I did not rescue her; she rescued me."

Emmett Emmett (Pug/Terrier)

Emmett's new mom shares, "We were really looking to adopt a dog that didn't have any health issues and between 2-3 years old. . .Emmett is so darn cute. We just don't have the heart to turn him away."

Tucker Tucker (Australian Shepherd)

Tucker's new dad writes, "It didn't matter to us that this dog was heart worm positive or deaf. He was coming home with us."

Nala Nala (Mastiff mix)

After taking time to heal, we decided to adopt a dog that needed a home.

Nikita Nikita (American Pit Bull Terrier)

Nikita's new family state, "We went the animal shelter just to look around and found Nikita there. She had been there for about 2 months and was very skinny. She still look very happy to see people and wagged her tail. So we adopted her to give her a better life."

Bane Bane (Pit Bull Terrier)

"Finding out he was Heart worm positive was scary as I have never had a Heart worm positive dog before. But I couldn’t let that stop me from potentially having a great loving addition to my family. "

Zi'Reyah Zi'Reyah (Lab/Rottweiler )

Zi'Reyah's new Mom writes, "Working the second chance boxer festival last weekend I walked by the adoptable dog tent. I noticed how pretty this dog was and as I walked by she jumped up, put her two front legs around my waist and gave me a hug. I bent down to pet her and talk to her and she laid her head on my leg and didn't want to move. I realized what a sweetheart she is and I believe she picked me. After the festival when I got home I couldn't get her out of my head. "

Baby Baby (Pit Bull)

Baby's new Mom writes, "As soon as I saw her picture I fell in love with her and knew I had to save her life. "

Beauty Beauty (Pit Mix)

From Beauty's new Mom, Jennifer: "My daughters have been begging for my husband and me to get them a dog so we decided to adopt. We took them to the shelter and as soon as I saw THIS dog, I knew she was the one!

Bella Bella (Siamese Lynx mix)

We absolutely adore this beautiful girl whom we adopted from HCAS on Saturday, September 6, 2014.

Bella Bella (Shih Tzu)

Bella's new Mom, Rebecca writes, "I have been considering getting a dog as an addition to my family to serve as a companion and friend for some time now. I decided now is the time!"

Brownie Brownie

" I'm not sure Brownie even realizes he's even a dog. Lol. He will crack you up with his funny personality. He's so big and dopey that once, you spend time with him, you can't help but love him. He is so full of love for his humans too. He is a good boy who loves to play fetch, wrestle, chase his tail, cuddle on the couch, receive treats and just loves being loved on and spoiled."

Bruce Willis Bruce Willis (Pit Bull Terrier)

He stole the hearts of my family before even becoming a member.

Brutus Brutus (pit bull mix)

Originally we intended to go to the animal shelter so my daughter could get her own dog but, of course, seeing all the other dogs needing a home just broke my heart. After a few minutes of walking around I noticed one dog wasn’t even making a peep when I went by his cage.

Bubba Fett Bubba Fett (Catahoula Leopard dog mix)

I asked which was more in danger and the vet techs response was, "I'm surprised Barney is still here today. He was on the euth list yesterday." I knew at that point he was destined to be my next foster.

Carrie Carrie (Retriever Mix)

Carries new Mom writes, "She's doing pretty well. She just hangs out, sleeps, paces around a lot and enjoys her walks and belly rubs. She's very easy going and friendly and a really good sweet girl. "

Champion Champion (German Shepherd)

"I noticed my husband was very sad and I looked at the Hillsborough shelter pets listed on and I found our new baby, Champion. We hurried to the shelter and my husband melted when he saw her."

Charmer Charmer (DSH Cat)

Charmer's foster Mom, Jen, states, "He was euth listed in July and adopted and returned due to a sore on his mouth. He was euth listed again. I fostered him for 10 days, took him back for the adoption event and he didn't get adopted. I wouldn't let him go back on the euth list so I adopted to rehome him."

Chief Chief (Catahoula Leopard Mix)

Here is Chief (Warhead at HCAS) and he's my newest adopt-to-rehome! I love love love Chief! He's very thin, his skin is deteriorating from malnutrition and he's heartworm positive and even through all this, he's so loving and enjoys being with other dogs.

Collette Collette

"Now I knew why she hadn’t been adopted. She had heartworm and it was so bad she was now coughing because her heart was having a hard time keeping up with her."

Daphne Daphne (Hound Mix)

I picked Sophie (now named Daphne) because the shelter had noted that she was mellow, which is exactly what I need with a small child in the house. After meeting with her, I knew she was just such a sweetheart and that she'd be perfect for me and my daughter.

Denise Denise

I came across a post on Facebook regarding Diamond (aka Denise) that was posted from a volunteer. As I was reading what she wrote, it brought tears to my eyes. I thought she was euthanized already, but as I was reading her thread on Facebook, I came to find out that she was somehow still alive.

Desi Desi (Lynx Point Siamese Mix Cat)

Gorgeous Desi was named Desdemona when she was in the cage at HCAS but we nick-named her Desi for short when she came home to us. She is a Lynx Point Siamese mix girl with beautiful markings on her head and long pretty tail.

Dixie Dixie (Border Collie Mix)

Dixie's new Mom writes, "When I started reading that she would be euthanized if she wasn’t adopted by the next day I knew I had to do something. I was crushed to see that she was heartworm positive but I didn’t let that stop me."

Dolly and Sassy Dolly and Sassy (Hound Mixes)

"They only had a short time left before being put down, and we knew that we would be able to find a perfect home for them, together. So, we had to hurry in and rescue them fast."

Eddie Eddie (Jack Russel Terrier mix)

We named our precious new edition Eddie. He's 5 years old and when we found out he had heart worms, we wondered if anyone would want to adopt an older dog with "baggage". But he's PERFECT for us and we loved him right away. He has a very sweet personality.

Ella Ella

Kim, Ella's Mom, writes "Ella is doing great. She is settling into our family really well and really acts as though she's been here all her life. She is so sweet and just wants to be loved which she will be here in our family."

Elsa Elsa (Bullmastiff )

Elsa's new Mom writes, "We fell in love with her and want the rest of her life to be great. Due to her needs, we feel that it's best for her to stay with us to ensure she gets appropriate care."

Ferdinand Ferdinand (Pekingese mix)

"I will brush him and love him, and hope to make a few good years of life in my little man. He is so sweet, and loves to be petted and loved on."

Gage Gage (American Pit Bull Terrier)

We decided to take the kids to the shelter for an education experience and to our surprise they where having an event that day.

Hank Hank (Shepherd Mix)

I know we (and Hank) are very thankful for the help and we look forward to finding the right forever home for Hank once his treatments are over.

Hank Hank (American Bulldog)

We adopted Hank from the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter. He was one of many dogs, but he stood out to us. He was the only one that was not barking at all. He just sat there watching as others walked by. His eyes were soft, sad and humble as if he were just waiting patiently, hoping to be chosen to become a part of a family.

Hershey Kiss Hershey Kiss

" She could tell that he had been neglected as he was very skinny and had an old leg injury that had probably healed wrong. She feel he was being overlooked in the shelter because he was a black pit mix with a bit of a skin issue and heart worm positive."

Hope Hope (Bulldog mix)

"Despite how in pain Hope must be she exudes positivity and happiness."

Hunter Hunter (Labrador Retriever mix)

Hunter's new Mom writes, "My husband and I decided to visit our local shelter. We walked in to look at the dogs in the kennels. The dogs were barking and wagging their tails. We spoke to each dog we saw. Then, we saw Hunter. His shelter name was Donald."

Hunter Hunter (Pit Bull Terrier)

"Hunter took a lot of work and patience but he was so worth every second of it."

Iggy Iggy (pit bull)

I just wanted to share our story about Iggy. He's our new Pit bull we adopted. We decided to take a drive to the animal services in Brandon, Fl. Not really having in mind that we were actually going to adopt, just look.

Isabella Isabella

"Isabella fits in perfectly like she was always my moms pet! After just one day they are both in love and she even gets along great with moms foster puppy and her best friends dogs! Awesome! Mom is SO happy!"

Jack Jack (Chi Mix)

Jack's adopt-to-rehome Mom says, "Thank you everyone who helped with "Riley" now Jack! He is beyond grateful to be out of the shelter and is making himself right at home! We are still looking for a foster/forever home for him! He's sweet as can be! Great with the other dogs and potty trained!"

Jessie Jessie

"After all, she is black (my favorite breed), a senior, had a URI, some fatty tumors, needed dental work and to top it off she was heart worm positive, so with all the above she had zero interest."

Kanga Kanga (DSH cat)

Couldn't afford to take the chance on my personal cats getting sick......

Kappy Kappy (Mixed)

Kappy aka Kaptain caught our attention after seeing his picture on the HCAS website. We immediately went down to see him. Little did we know that he was actually heartworm positive. Kappy is only 1 year old and deserved a chance at a full life. Thanks to Friends of HCAS we are able to give him that opportunity.

Keisha Keisha

I had been looking for a new furry member of the family for me and my son for a few months when I happened to just go look at the animal shelter. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the next member of our family!

Kiley Kiley (Mix)

..... she has been through too much to be moved. We have adopted her.

Layah Layah (German Shepherd)

Hello everyone…..My name is Layah. I am a 3.5 year old German Sheppard recently adopted from the animal shelter on August 25, 2014. My Mommy and Daddy fell in love with me and took me home where I have lots of yard to play on and lots of love.

Lilly Lilly (Jack Russel Terrier)

We reluctantly stopped by the pound to satisfy my children's persistent asking for a puppy. When I saw Lilly sitting quietly at the door to her kennel I knew she was the answer.

Llavero Llavero (Labrador Retriever)

I was looking for the perfect best friend for my Grandpa..............

Lucky Lucky (Pit Mix)

Hi I'm Lucky! After being nearly hit in the middle of traffic, I was saved off the hwy. I was brought to the Vet where they found my micro chip. My owner who had adopted me on Jan. 27th came to get me. He explained to my rescuer that I was living chained to a tree and had escaped several times. He proceeded to strike me in the face and said that I wasn't really wanted! My rescuer could not see me go back to neglect and abuse. I wish she could keep me but unfortunately she can not. I am looking for a forever home or a foster family.

Lucy Lucy (mix)

Minutes away from being euthanized, seeing that her heart worm treatment was being sponsored by FOHCAS, her foster Mom stepped up to save her.

Mac Mac

This very handsome boy was saved by a volunteer who pulled him from the shelter and found him his perfect forever home. The decision to help was made easier when FoHCAS agreed to assist with the cost of his heart worm treatment.

Mango Mango (Pit Mix)

"He was so scared and had no idea why he was going with me. My previous fosters have all been excited to get out of the shelter, but you could see he felt defeated, hopeless."

Max 2 Max 2

"He was missing one of his ears and he had several wounds on his body."

Mercy Mercy (Pit Bull)

I'm walking each row and my heart sinks more and more because there's so many, and some look horribly miserable, scared and confused.

Mia Mia

I honestly don't know where to start when it comes to Mia. When I first saw her, I wasn't looking to adopt another dog.

Miles Miles (Border Collie Mix)

He jumped into our car and our hearts all in one leap.

Millie Millie (Boxer mix)

I went to the shelter looking for a playmate for Cleo who I also got from the shelter in June and who was also heart worm positive - FoHCAS also assisted with her treatment ....

Milo Milo (Miniature Schnauzer )

"When we met Milo for the first time, it was dog love at first sight. Every member of our family felt compelled to take him home. "

Missy Missy (Border Collie/Alaskan Husky)

We had just recently lost a dog do to his age. Our other dog, Vada, was getting lonely and the house felt a little empty. So we went looking for another friend to add to the family. We knew she was the one because she was calm and loving and great with our 1 year old son.

Mocha Mocha (Catahoula Hound Mix)

Mocha's foster Mom, Tiffany, writes, "There are so many animals in shelters who need help. And I wanted to do something to help. I had not fostered before. I saw Mocha was #2 on the euthanasia list. She had been at the shelter since November as an owner surrender. I couldn't help but smile when I saw those ears! And she was going to be euthanized the next morning. So, I sent an email and went to the shelter to get her out and help find her a forever home."

Mustang Mustang (Cat)

Mustang was on the euth list at HCAS because he had run out of time and he had very bad teeth...he is only 2 years old. I took Mustang home, sight unseen, and I was pleasantly surprised to see what a beautiful, wonderful, affectionate and sweet loving cat Mustang was.He is also the largest cat I have ever seen. He is as big as a dog!

Niko Niko (Retriever Mix)

"He sat, those big eyes looking at me with tongue lolling out of his mouth, reached up and put his paw on my arm and I melted. I adopted him right then even though he has a few medical issues. "

Odie Odie (Shepherd Mix)

"This is Odie, our adorable little new best friend. We were walking to get lunch on an ordinary Sunday when we saw that the bar next door was having an event. We went in, and Odie stuck his paw out at me and looked at me with his big brown eyes. He seemed like the happiest dog there- I couldn't believe he didn't have a home."

Ollie Ollie (Cat)

FoHCAS agreed to assist with that and it turns out Ollie has heart worms. In cats, it is not treated like is done with dogs, and his new Mom will manage his care from now on.

Oreo Oreo (Hound mix)

...we were in Tampa area visiting family when we heard about Arylon (now Oreo) whose time was up - we stopped the scheduled Euthanasia and picked her and brought her back to Atlanta with us.

Portia Portia (American Staffordshire)

Portia's new Mom writes, "She is absolutely hilarious, smart, goofy, is obsessed with kisses and has the most precious under bite. I can't wait until she gets healthy so she can enjoy being a dog."

Pretty Boy Pretty Boy (Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd)

Rock Rock (Hound mix)

It was clear by the next morning no one was stepping up for this poor boy who didn't deserve to be given up on so easily.............

Rommel Rommel (German Shepherd)

"My boyfriend and I cannot thank Friends of HCAS for everything you have done to help fund this procedure for our precious baby."

Roo Roo (Shepherd/Beagle mix)

This is Roo, formerly known as Anchovy. Her foster Mom, Diana, states that Roo was at the shelter and found to have a .22 caliber bullet wound in her hip. She also is heartworm positive.

Rosie Rosie (Basenji Mix)

Rosie's adopt to rehome Mom writes, "When I first meet Rose or Rosie as I like to call her she was so frightened she would not even come near me or look at my face. Since then you could not even tell she was the same dog."

Roxie Roxie (Pit Bull Terrier)

One of the core values of the A.D.O.P.T. program was that each dog selected for that elite program would have a safety net for life. And, though A.D.O.P.T. was eliminated early this year, the volunteers who dedicated themselves to those dogs still hold that premise dear. "No dog left behind"....

Roxy Roxy

" We were originally hesitant because of the expense of heartworm treatment, but after some conversation, we decided that Roxy was perfect for us. After all, we know that the chances of an older dog, being black and in need of medical treatment, were slim in a shelter environment, and we couldn’t let such a sweet soul down. Roxy needed us, and we needed Roxy."

Rudy Rudy (Pit Bull Terrier)

He was young, only 3 years old but was shivering and trying to make himself invisible by cowering with his face to the wall.

Sadie Sadie

Sam Sam (American Bulldog mix)

Our last dog was rescued and we can think of no better way to gain a new family member than to adopt one that has not had a fair shot at life itself!

Sandy Sandy

"She's the best dog ever. She's sweet, playful, smart, house trained & obedient."

Sasha Sasha (Rhodesian Ridgeback/Rottweiler mix)

I didn't know she had heart worms until the last minute when I was paying for her ... they overheard me telling the checkout person I couldn't really cover the cost of that type of extensive treatment......

Sasha Sasha (Yorkshire Terrier)

For the past year, my two daughters have been asking for a pet. Since they are older now, I promised that if they did well in school and showed responsibility, they could have a dog

Scurry Scurry (Chow Mix)

Meet Scurry. Poor old guy was on the euthanasia list when he was saved by an out of state rescue, Chap's Chow Rescue in Atlanta.

Seger Seger

From Seger's new Mom, Ali, "I chose Seger because I was on the Facebook thread and saw that Seger /Butch was to be euthanized. I fell in love with his sad face and wanted to rescue him. I have been wanting a dog and thought this would be a perfect fit."

Shorty Shorty (Pit Mix)

"I knew his time was closer then ever and I needed to save him."

Simon Simon (Shih Tzu)

He was taken in as a stray by HCAS, with a broken leg. It was a no brainer for me, a little Shih Tzu in need....

Spencer Spencer (GSD/Collie mix)

I happened to be at work one day and went to the Animal Control website. I scrolled through and saw this face with an expression I recognized...

Stealth Stealth

He bonded with me, from the minute he came out of the shelter he has been my sidekick.

Stella Stella

"Stella touched our hearts from the minute we met her. It honestly was meant to be."

Taco Taco (chihuahua)

"When I got him he was under weight, frightened but now he is happy, he is not locked up in cage in fact he sleeps at the bottom of my bed."

Tank Tank (American Pit Bull Terrier)

From Tank's Dad, "I am so happy that my wife convinced me to adopt a rescue. We have fallen in love with Tank, and we hope that other people open their homes to shelter dogs, because they can be the greatest addition to anyone’s family, and they just need to be given a chance."

Teddy Teddy (American Bulldog/Boxer mix)

Teddy's new Dad, Tom writes, "Teddy was supposed to be with me only for a couple of weeks, until an adoption event at HCAS."

Thor Thor (Pit Mix)

This is Thor! He is the sweetest, mostly cuddly dog I have ever had the privilege to have.

Uncle Fester Uncle Fester (Rottweiler Mix)

"I went to the Hillsborough county animal just to look and I found a two year old Rottweiler/mix named Uncle Fester. He made me smile when I looked deep into his eyes. I inquired about Uncle Fester but was told he had heartworms which is a three hundred dollar treatment."

Vince Vince (GSD Mix)

"I had gone onto petfinder looking for puppies for our family. I was never looking for an adult dog because I have two small children, but I came across Vince's face and I could not help but fall in love with him. "

Whiskey Whiskey

"His beautiful eyes got my attention, but his sweet, laid back personality stole my heart."

Will Will

Meet Will! His heart worm treatment was sponsored by FoHCAS through your donations.

Ziggy Ziggy (pit bull mix)

My husband and I have been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember. The day we went to the shelter we knew we were going to leave with one.

Zoey Zoey

"Thanks to the wonderful people at FOHCAS, Zoey has a second chance at life. "