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Guidelines for Assistance

1. The animal must originate from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (Hillsborough County Shelter)

2. The medical condition must be known at the time of adoption.

3. Medical condition must be treatable.  We will not assist with chronic or terminal conditions.  We will assist with the payment for biopsies or other diagnostics to determine condition as long as the owner is aware of the above caveat. 

4.  FoHCAS will not assist with normal, routine medical issues (i.e. yearly exams, shots, monthly heartworm prevention,  etc.)

5.  FoHCAS must be contacted within a reasonable length of time after animal leaves the  shelter.  Reasonable usually means within a week, but exceptional circumstances are taken into consideration. 

6.  Our assistance is based on discounted rescue/non-profit rates.   

What we ask in return are a few photos of your pet and a story about why your pet was chosen.  Many folks we help will also ask for donations by their friends and family be made to FoHCAS, and almost all people FoHCAS helps donate as their means allow.  

Apply for Assistance

Medical treatment is available for heartworms and for other treatable medical conditions through the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, or from another Approved Veterinarian of the Owner/Foster’s choice.

If your pet has both heartworms and another treatable medical condition, please complete BOTH the heartworm and other medical applications.  

Apply for Heartworm assistance